Baobulb Modular LED LIGHT

Baobulb is a modular LED lighting system. It encourages people to remove branch segments and bulbs, rearranging and playing with them as they see fit. The bulbs connect to the end of the branches using magnets, snapping on and off in a satisfying way, illuminating at the same time.  It was born out of the desire to introduce play into everyday objects. Play has the ability to connect people. It pulls us into the present moment, surprising and delighting us; something, which I believe is incredibly important in this modern era of smartphones and tablets.

After many months of exploration into concepts of play, Baobulb began on a whim when I attached ping-pong balls to the ends of branches with magnets. I next added lights and discovered a beautify world of playful luminosity. The initial branches ended up being too delicate so I developed a system running wires inside cast resin branches. Magnets acted as a dual connection and switch system, holding the tree together and turning on the lights simultaneously. I had a lot of fun playing and experimenting as I turned Baobulb from a simple idea sketch into a reality.

The project allowed me to incorporate some of my favorite model and mold making techniques into one cohesive final prototype. It was a difficult yet satisfying task figuring out how to connect three different parts: cast resin, electrical wires and 3D printed parts.