Concrete Tabletop Design

My cast concrete tape dispenser and measuring spoons are the result of an exercise designing for two specific individuals. At the start of the project I was given a prompt with a product and the profile of the individual I was designing for. For each I went from start to finish through the design process.

I started by looking in depth at the user was designing for and feeling out their tastes and aesthetic. I created mood boards with the sorts of products they would own and buy. Then moved forward with ideation sketching. From there I started prototype development, drawing on my sketches for inspiration. I decided to use concrete as my final material for both. I’ve always been drawn to the feeling of concrete and find the way it behaves when cast to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. This project taught me about going from start to finish through a project quickly, following my own intuition and putting into practice sketching, model making and casting skills.