PRATT x ISDI Cuba Clothesline

In March 2016 I went to Havana Cuba to do a design project at the Instituto Superior de Diseño (ISDI). In a 10 day intensive workshop teams of Pratt and ISDI students worked together to create designs using the limited resources that were avaliable in Cuba. Each team chose an area of focus by observing day to day life in the city. My team noticed the prevalence of laundry hanging out to dry on stoops, across alley ways and in open doorways. Basically anywhere there was space. With this in mind we began work creating a laundry hanging system for open window.

Our design consists of two metal brackets which mount to a window frame. Rigid steel pipes pass through the center of each bracket. The pipes can be brought in during inclement weather and easily put back outside as soon as it passes. The materials used are easy to find steel plate bent on a sheet metal bender, steel tubing, 3D printed clips and plastic cord. All of these materials were easy to find in Cuba and make for a good solution for saving space while drying clothes in a busy city such as Havana.