I/N/D Jacket for Kanye

The I/N/D Jacket for Kanye is an LED jacket which responds to movement. The concept was born out of a wearable technology prototypes class at the Pratt Institute in the Spring of 2016. My team was comprised of myself, Dillon Chen and Nurlan Rahmanaliev. By combining accelerometer sensor data with LED lights we were able to map RGB lighting patterns to specific dance moves that Kayne West uses in his performances. We decided to use Kanye as a case study for this piece of wearable technology because he has specific movements that he regularly uses in his performances.

The project was quite an undertaking and required learning many diverse skills. It was incredibly satisfying designing a functional garment as well as learning to program LEDs using Arduino within the same project. Our team functioned very well together and with a lot of hard work and trial and error through the design process we came out with an amazing functional prototype.