Ramme Stol (Frame Chair)

Ramme Stol (Frame Chair) is a Danish style hardwood chair I designed and built while I was living abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark studying at DIS Copenhagen. The materials used were solid maple and woven sisal cord. The concept for the chair came from combining three existing Scandinavian chair designs: Børge Mogensen’s Spanish Chair (1959-1961), his J39 “People’s Chair” (1947) and Alvar Aalto’s Lounge Chair 406 (1939). I took different aspects I liked from each of these three chairs and combined them into my own design. The arm rests came from the Spanish Chair, the back rest from the J39 and the woven seat design from Aalto’s 406.

Learning about the tradition of Danish and Scandinavian furniture design was instrumental in the design and development of this chair. As I absorbed information living in Copenhagen and visited a myriad of design stores, museums and furniture shops there, I translated what I learned through sketching and observing into Ramme Stol.