Multiprocess Teapot

My teapot was a project of passion and exploration. As a long time Chinese tea enthusiast I frequently use and buy teaware. This project allowed me to explore slipcasting ceramic production and use a few different design processes while discovering the form I liked. This teapot is based on the classic Chinese Xishi style teapot sometimes used in the Chinese gong fu tea ceremony.

I used a few different processes to produce the original teapot used to make my molds. I started with a series of iterative sketches to get the curve and form of the teapot body just right. These sketches translated directly into a template, which I used on a lathe with blasa foam to create the body. I then imported a photograph of the body directly into 3D modeling software where I modeled the spout, lid and handle. These three parts were 3D printed then together with the body I coated them with 3 layers of automotive primer. I finally cast everything in plaster. Once my plaster molds were dry I used liquid clay slip to cast a limited run of 25 teapots.